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What is a Kino Kabaret?

Kino Kabaret, in Leipzig also known as Kino Datsche, is a place where cinephiles of all ages and with all levels of experience come together to exchange and realize ideas. What’s essential is creativity, motivation, spontaneity, and the desire to create something together. Sharing and passing on knowledge concerning all areas of film making are the core elements of Kino Kabaret. 

How does a Kino Kabaret actually work?

At the beginning of each session, we all get together for a production meeting. That’s where we will introduce ourselves and anyone with an idea for a short film can present it. After, each director has shared their idea and needs (for example: “I’d need two actress, an apartment, and an editor with a computer”), we divide into working groups. We start making the films by helping each other and at the end of the session, usually 24-72 hours later, we screen the fresh short films to the local audience.  

Short History of Kino

The kino movement was born in 1999 in Montréal. Today, it has grown into a worldwide network of enthusiasts. “Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it right now!” is the motto under which, every year, countless Kino Kabarets happen all over the world. In Leipzig, they are hosted by Kino Datsche e.V. since 2014 and are known as Kino Datsche. As of today, there are over 75 “kino cells” worldwide, and Kino Datsche is one of them. Each cell has developed independently, organizing Kino Kabarets as well as other film related events. Nowadays, we have become a confusingly huge network, all interconnected in the spirit of “kino”.