Workshop Cinefilles

(Girls create music videos) 2017/2018


CineFilles was a music and video workshop, which dealt with the topic of identity and integration. Girls and young women with and without a migration background should produce their own music video. In the foreground is not only the the goal of producing and presenting music and a video together, but also the creative way of working and process and learning the basics of singing, acting, screenwriting, camera and editing and editing techniques as well as the expansion of personal contacts and perspectives.


The workshop took place weekly over the period of 3 months in the premises of the media workshop at Die Villa e.V. 

The tutors Luise Audersch and Judith Meister guided the girls during this time through all steps of the video production:

Writing the  lyrics – work out a choreography – work out a cinematic concept – film the video – sing the song – filming the video – recording the vocals – editing the video – mixing the sound – screening the video


The result can be seen here: